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If you are engaged in a child custody matter in Louisiana, Flowers & Long LLP is here to guide you through the process and protect your parental rights.

Louisiana child custody laws are generally in favor of both parents maintaining a meaningful relationship with the child. When parents cannot come to agreement, the court will decide, based on factors such as the ability of each parent to care for the child and the quality of the relationship each parent has with the child.

Child custody attorney Kelly L. Long can help you establish a child custody arrangement that protects your parental rights and the best interests of the child(ren) involved.

Child Support

In Louisiana, child support is determined by a number of guidelines that take into account factors such as the number of children, the income of the parents and the needs of the children.

While determining child support payments is often straightforward, there are circumstances that can add significant complexity. For instance, the income of one parent may be difficult to determine if he or she is self-employed. In some cases, parents intentionally hide income to avoid paying child support.

Attorney Kelly Long is prepared to handle any child support issue, no matter how complex. She can protect your rights in initial support proceedings as well as in child support modifications or enforcement.

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