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There’s no getting around the fact that divorce is a painful process. The stress, anxiety, pain and loss that accompany divorce can be tremendous. With an experienced divorce attorney on your side, however, the process can be much easier to bear.

At Flowers & Long LLP, Shreveport divorce attorney Kelly L. Long provides clients with skilled representation through divorce and related family law issues. You need more than a compassionate ally. You need a strong advocate who can protect your rights and your future. Kelly Long is both.

Preparing For The Future

The way your divorce is handled will set the stage for the next chapter in your life. This is why it is so important to have an experienced divorce lawyer looking out for your interests. A mistake or oversight in property division matters could cause you to lose significant assets.

If you have children, the stakes are even higher. Your parental rights and the best interests of your children must be protected in child custody and child support matters. Our law firm understands the importance of careful legal advice today, and how it can dramatically affect our clients’ lives tomorrow.

Resolving Divorce Disputes

Kelly Long is an experienced trial lawyer who never backs down when protecting her clients’ interests in a divorce. Her approach to divorce litigation is thorough and detail-oriented. By operating from a position of strength, she is able to negotiate favorable settlements for her clients. When courtroom litigation is necessary, she is always prepared.

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"Thank you so much for all your hard work and guidance to help us with the custody papers! Thank you for helping us protect our son and look out for his best interest! We appreciate you!"
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“You and your staff provided invaluable legal assistance to our family. You were caring and patient, and went above and beyond to ensure that all out our needs were met. We are forever grateful!”
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