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If you have been charged with committing a sex offense in Louisiana, it may seem as if no one is on your side. Remember, however, while the court of public opinion often delivers a verdict without considering all the facts, the law is firm. You are innocent until proven guilty. It is absolutely critical that you speak to an attorney before you speak to law enforcement about your case. It is especially common in sex-related offenses for people to incriminate themselves by discussing their cases with the police.

In all sexual offenses involving juveniles neither consent nor knowledge of age can be used as a defense. It is common for people to incriminate themselves by insisting they believed the alleged victim to a sex offense consented or was of age. This is, in effect, a confession to the act itself.

“Most sex offenses by their nature can have only two witnesses, the defendant and the victim. Any statement by the defendant advances the case for the prosecution and injures the defense. Even an innocent defendant can damage his case by trying to explain his actions to the police before seeing a lawyer.”
Peter R. Flowers

At Flowers & Long LLP, we believe strongly in protecting the rights of the accused and in maintaining the integrity of the criminal justice system. Our clients include people facing serious, life-altering sex crime charges. Their reputations, families and futures are at risk.

When it seems no one will stand up for you, rest assured, defense attorney Peter R. Flowers and the lawyers at Flowers & Long LLP will.

“My job is to make sure that no one slips through the cracks of the system. That no innocent persons should be imprisoned, that punishments do not overshadow the offense, and are based on the actions of the defendant rather than public opinion.”
Peter R. Flowers

Strong Defense For Sex Crime Charges

We provide tenacious defense representation to clients facing sex crime charges such as:

• Sexual assault (simple, forcible and aggravated rape)
• Sexual battery
• Child pornography
• Child molestation
• Sex offender violations
• Indecent behavior with juvenile
• Carnal knowledge
• Computerized solicitation of a juvenile
• Sexting
• Obscenity
• All sexual Internet crimes

A sex crime conviction will change your life. Convictions can result not only in lengthy prison sentences, but in public ostracism, forced identification as a sexual predator and sometimes even removal from your home. A conviction as a sex offender could even mean sexual registration for life. We are dedicated to helping our clients avoid the harsh penalties that result from sex crime convictions in Louisiana.

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