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In today’s hectic world, it is easy to find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Complicated rules and statutes that regulate the business world are often subject to multiple interpretations and easy to run afoul of.

“In the business world it is easy to make mistakes while aggressively pursuing a person’s legitimate business goals. Many times people make decisions that they believe are reasonable only to find later that they have crossed a legal boundary.”
Peter R. Flowers

Strong Defense For White Collar Crime Charges

White collar crimes often require derailed investigations involving long paper trails, business or bank records, and forensic computer evidence. This is not the type of battle people should try to fight on their own.

The areas of white collar crime in which we practice include
but are not limited to:

• Mail fraud
• Insurance fraud
• Credit card fraud
• Embezzlement
• Forgery
• Money laundering
• Tax evasion
• Bribery
• Extortion

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Peter Flowers (1956 – 2018)

Almost exclusively in the practice of criminal law for the past 31 years. ... (more)

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Peter Flowers

He Made Me Feel Comfortable

Mr. Flowers:

"You helped me when I had nowhere else to go. I was scared that I would end up in jail for trying to protect myself but you assured me that it would all be ok. You made me feel very comfortable and safe in and out of the courtroom and I would recommend you to anyone."

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Peter Flowers


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